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We are now at our new facility at 45 Ronald Reagan Blvd

COVID-19: We ask everyone entering our facility to wash hands before signing in. If any of our patients are experiencing active cold or flu symptoms, please let us know.

Learn what sets us apart

Over 50% of our patients were referred by other patients!

More than half of our patients have been sent by other patients. This is powerful testament to the quality of care we provide.

Private Rooms

We're the only practice in the area with private rooms. At other places, your privacy is guarded by a plastic screen.

Locally-Owned, Locally-Run

We're the only locally-owned, locally-run practice in Warwick. The owners, therapists, and staff live in Warwick. This isn't some large PT mill. We're not a chain. We don't succeed by squeezing margins at dozens of locations. We're family run, and it shows.

Experienced Therapists

Each of our therapists has 20+ years of experience. Our therapists are leaders in their field with a proven record of delivering extraordinary care.

Hands-On Care

We provide exceptional hands-on manual therapy. At most other places, assistants reply solely on machines for therapy and little-to-no manual therapy is provided. The difference is immense.


We opened our doors in April 2015 and have been growing quickly ever since. We provide our clients with unparalleled service; doing it all ourselves to ensure impeccable quality. This is why more than half of our new patients were referred by other patients.

Occupational Therapy

We provide occupational / hand therapy. We have the only registered occupational therapist in the area.

Therapists; not Assistants

All of our care is provided by renowned therapists. Our competition use assistants for the bulk of their treatments. Unlike other clinics, patients don't just see the main therapist during their initial evaluation.


We speak Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, and Spanish.

Comfortable, New Facility

We're in a modern, comfortable facility. Everything about the layout and decor was designed with our patients' comfort in mind. As mentioned before, we're the only facility in the area with private rooms. Additionally, our entire facility is new; from the flooring to the pillows. This wasn't just a paint job over the summer.

Personalized Service

We provide flexible scheduling. We can see patients on the weekend by appointment. We provide personalized service. Patients reach one of us, not a call center.


We're conveniently located at 45 Ronald Reagan Blvd in the Town of Warwick. We have ample parking and are serviced by Town of Warwick Transit Buses We are less than half a mile from the Warwick Town Hall.



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